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Since its founding in 1854, the Rosenberger family has been producing ropes from all the fibres known all over the world. Today the company is run by the fifth generation Karl Friedrich Rosenberger and Sven Rosenberger.

Nathan Splicing

With the new factory, LIROS continue to manufacture in Germany so that they can control every part of the production from start to finish. 

The unique and new process to 'LIROS LCS' ( LIROS Coating System) has enabled LIROS to improve the performance of the latest materials (PBO, Vectran® & Dyneema®) by thoroughly protecting them against the worst effects of abrasion as well as UV degradation. 

Scope of application

LIROS ropes fly with parachutes and paragliders through the air, sail with ships around the world, pull wood out of the forest, are used in automotive and many other industries. LIROS produces on it's german production sites with approx. 170 workers 100% Made in Germany.

Innovation is the company's driving force. Not the mass production of simple textile products, but solving of technical solutions for the single customer are paramount at LIROS. New modern materials enable LIROS to use high-strength and ultra-light constructions in more and more applications, for example to replace steel ropes.

The LIROS rope range

The extremely broad programme offers a solution for nearly every technical problem. More than 2000 rope products made from all well-known Synthetic- and natural fibers provide best service and fast delivery worldwide. State-of-the-art warehouse- and pick-and-place equipment, EDV-based product management and production guarantee perfect lead times.

With modern machines LIROS workers braid and process innovative rope products for customers worldwide.

LIROS core competence:

  • individual and application-specific ropes development, from production of standard ropes to individual constructions
  • long-standing experience with ropes of all sorts and diverse applications, f.e. winch rope
  • long-standing experience with high-strength materials
  • long-standing relationships to our suppliers
  • long-standing relationships to our machine manufacturers


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