New Product Range – DB Deck Organisers

Author: Allen Brothers   Date Posted:8 July 2022 

Introducing the new range of DB Deck Organisers designed to lead or divert control lines and halyards with minimal friction.

New Allen Deck Organiser DB RangeThe Allen DB deck organiser range is available in 20, 30 and 40mm sheave sizes. All feature two lightweight aluminium cheeks, three dynamic bearing sheaves, a becket and nuts and bolts.

The 20mm DB deck organiser is the smallest ball bearing deck organiser available on the market, making it perfect for use in areas where size and weight limitations are a factor.

Easily stacked and with three sheaves and one becket, the DB deck organisers allow for a wide range of rigging options. When stacked the upper organiser is rated to two-thirds of the max working and breaking load. The becket can also be used as a plain bearing sheave, ideal for higher loading static lines.

DB stands for Dynamic Bearing, which is the Allen patented bearing system. The dynamic bearing system features twin rows of stainless-steel ball bearings running on a stainless-steel axle. This ball-bearing technology offers high rolling speeds with minimal friction, resulting in fast and smooth running for rope around the sheave.

Dynamic bearing technology lends itself to use in applications which require fast sheave movement, this makes the DB deck organiser range perfect for halyard or control line systems on Sportsboats up to 28ft. The DB deck organiser range is also a great choice for dinghies where control lines need to be run along the deck or be diverted from the mast base.  

We have rated the DB deck organiser range based on a 30-degree turning angle around the sheave. A 30-degree turn on a sheave will have a load factor of 50% of the line load. In comparison, a single block is load rated to an angle of deflection of 180-degrees, which has a load factor of 200% of the line load.

Data Table

SKU .. Title Breaking Load kg Length mm Max. Line Dia. mm Max. Working Load kg Sheave Dia. mm Weight g
A2423   20mm Triple
DB Deck Organiser
1000 87 6 500 20 41
A2433   30mm Triple
DB Deck Organiser
1400 118 8 600 30 86
A2443   40mm Triple
DB Deck Organiser
1500 170 16 700 40 208

Key Features

Three dynamic bearing sheaves.

Lightweight and easy to install.


Suitable for boats up to 28ft.

Stylish and sleek design.

Examples Of Use

Guiding halyards along a coach roof back to clutches, cleats and winches.

Diverting control lines around a corner under or over deck.

Underdeck take-up systems.

Redirecting a halyard, sheet or control line to have the correct lead angle into a winch or cleat.


The Allen DB deck organiser range