2018 has some great stories already

Author: DeckHardware   Date Posted:9 January 2018 

Already two weeks into 2018 and we have Sponsored/Supported a number of classes and sailors.

Bella with her prize

Already two weeks into 2018 and we have Sponsored/Supported a number of classes and sailors.  The word sponsor can be so limiting, we try to be something a little more. We simply love this time of year and being a part of it!

We would like to thank LIROS Ropes and Allen Brothers for their support in supplying product and promotional material to help increase our level of support at this time of year.

We have already supplied product for prizes at the Manly Junior's,  16' & 13' Skiff Nationals and another load of goodies will be delivered later in the week for the Flying 11 Nationals at Manly 16' Skiff Club. 

Part of this has also been supporting our Ambassadors that have been competing all around Australia.  Including our Moth Ambassador's Iain Jensen, Tom Slingsby and Scott Cotton.  Congratulations to Nathan Outteridge on his win and to Tom and Iain fighting over second place, what a podium let's hope we see more of this on Australian waters. 

Nathan and Harry Splicing

There are a couple of stories that stand out so far, one including some of our Ambassadors at the 16's.  Harry and Nathan went above and beyond assisting Dante with his boat setup.

Almost 5 hours later and we were hearing that Nathan is not done yet! It was great to see that the knowledge and experience they have from sailing in a larger fleet at MH was being shared with the Guys from Illawarra.

So thank you Harry and Nathan, we know you enjoyed doing it as well. All this whilst the regatta was at your home club and Nathan had a number of roles behind the scenes as well!

Mel spent the week with the van in case anyone needed anything at MH16's as part of our support for the regatta. It was wonderful to see the comradery aka banter between Harry, Nathan and Jordie who was sailing a 13' Skiff. Helping each other rig and having a laugh is such a huge part of sailing and why we love supporting sailors. Jordie's 13' Skiff is now for sale and we hope to see her out on a 16' Skiff in the future.

Also from the 16' Skiff fleet was a group of young Sea Scouts that had been given an older 16 by the MH16' Skiff Club and club members helped out with some gear as well.  They were young and enthusiastic and finished the very first race!  It was so nice to see they received some of our product at the prize giving to help ensure they can continue to improve and will be back. 


We are following so many results around the Country not only of our Ambassadors still competing in classes such as the Nacra 15 and Optimists but we try to keep up with all the results. It is such a wonderful time of year!

Bring on a great 2018.

16' and 13' Skiff Sponsorship

Jordie Modelling the Allen Bags handed out at Registration along with the product supplied.

Manly Junior Prize Pack

Manly Junior Pack