Excellent abrasion resistance, low weight and easy splicing provide new solutions for forestry and arborists.  Ideal for replacement of steel wire in multiple applications.

As an innovative company, LIROS pioneered the technical braiding with the extremely high-strength fibre Dyneema®. We offer an extremely wide range of braided Dyneema®, tailor-made to your specifications. LIROS aim to replace wire cables with textile alternatives. Heat treatment and coating can also greatly enhance the technical properties for many applications.

  • working stretch <1%
  • very high breaking load with smallest diameter and lowest weight
  • first choice for all applications with extreme loads
  • 10 x lighter than steel
  • excellent spliceability, can also be used with cover
  • high UV stability and durability
  • water repellent
  • LIROS Heat-Stretch-System
  • LIROS Coating System