D-Pro Dyneema® SK78 20m Spools 1-4mm

The LIROS Ropes Dyneema SK78 in 20m Spools.

12-plaited, heat-set and coated Dyneema SK78. LIROS Heat-Stretch-System guarantees optimal breaking loads and stretch characteristics of this line.

Excellent chafing resistance, light weight, and easy spliceability make this line irreplaceable in all sorts of applications on racing boats of any size.

Perfect as a replacement for steel cabling in technical applications.

  • working stretch < 1 %
  • very high breaking load with small diameter and very low weight
  • first choice for any application under extreme loads
  • very spliceable
  • highly UV stable and chafe resistant
  • LIROS Heat-Stretch-System
  • Bio-Based Dyneema®

Material: Coated Dyneema® SK78

Construction: 12 plaited heat-set and coated

Code: 01505